40 Days n Nights-ish -Results

A bit over 40 days ago, I started a challenge that was inspired by another Canadian blogger.  Read all about it here.  It’s a smidge more than the 40 days because, well, I was in Minneapolis for a long weekend away and then in Australia for two weeks and it’s hard to throw stuff out when you are not at home. 🙂

I finally finished today and I have to say I feel pretty great.  Things were sold, donated and thrown away.  A lot of the stuff I threw out was dried out, old or expired body care products.  Old lip glosses, body lotions that were dried up or smelled truly horrible were among the biggest offenders.

The challenge forced me to finally, finally clean up all the bags of random junk in the bottom of my closet.  I haven’t cleaned out these bags in over a decade, but I kept adding to it.  About 95 per cent of what was in there got donated and now I have a useful closet again.  It is incredible!  I have purposely slept with my closet open over the past few nights because it was soooo damn clean. 🙂  I mean, I can actually see the floor in my closet now. 🙂

This challenge taught me a lot…first of all, I have waaaay too many body lotions and body care items, make up included.  Now that I have an inventory of what I have, I am making sure I do NOT buy any new lotions or anything because I definitely do not need them.  Same goes for eye make up.  I have a lot and I am not allowed to buy anything new until the other stuff is gone.

Second, the challenge showed me that more stuff isn’t better.  I used to really like having all sorts of fun tchotchkes to show my personality and my style.  In the last few years, I have done a u turn on that and have avoided buying those tchotchkes and after completing this cleanse, I really see and value of less clutter around me.  Plus less stuff means cleaning is that much easier and faster because there isn’t as much stuff to work or move…which means I might end up being tidier without having to work extra hard at it.  Yay!  Oh and the things I have kept are things that are meaningful to me…a la Marie Kondo’s way…like my race medals or picture frames with photos of me and friends during wonderful times.

Third, this challenge is amazing in terms of feeling like you have accomplished something.  Since it is ten items a day…and it is truly items….like you go through your pile of random pens you have collected over the years from trips, work, dentists and trade shows…and you throw 20 of them out, then guess what, you are down twenty items.  On the really rough and tiring work days, it was this approach that kept me from tossing in the towel on this challenge.  Plus, now all the pens in my “pen cup” work!!!

Finally, the challenge showed me the value of having a place for everything.  In the past forty-ish days, I have already seen the value of this…with less stuff, I have had more room for storage…and with more room, I can actually put stuff away in proper places and be able to find it, instead of putting in in piles or just shoving it into my closet and forgetting about it for who knows how many years.  My drawers of running clothes, pj’s, undies and socks are all folded Marie Kondo style and it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for.  It’s amazing.

I know I definitely have more things to purge and I may undertake this challenge again as a lead up to Fall.  I still have things that I can pitch, but that I don’t think I was ready to do just yet…you know what I am talking about…those sentimental pieces or those things that are “still good and I might need one day…”I really want to tackle those as it is something I definitely have a lot of.

So yeah…to say I’m feeling springy is an understatement.  And it couldn’t be better timing as my cold is finally gone, my sleep is finally back to normal post Australia and I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

Have a great week!

~Princess Lisa


Disney DIY-ing!

Just a SUPER quick post today, looking for some advice!  As I wrote awhile back, we bought a new house, and I’m looking to inject some quiet, adult, “hidden magic”-type Disney touches that only true Disney-philes might recognize.  It occurred to me today that I have a yucky, raw wood trunk that needs a paint job, and vintage stencils are all the rage right now, so why not?…I designed these 3 images as an homage to the Tower of Terror (what else could possibly be on my mind right now…oh yeah!…running ToT next month!) and need some help deciding which one is the winner!  So, ladies and gents…

#1 hollywood tower side design


#2 option 2 hth


…or #3? option 3 hth


…and one more late addendum.  I’m thinking one of the above imagines will look great on the widest sides of the trunk…but I’d like to do something different on the top and/or the ends.  So, I’ll happily take your advice on which of these for the top as well! 🙂


#4  – A simple sketch of the Hollywood Tower exteriortower sketch

#5 – a vintage HTH room key tower key

…or $6 – a recreation of the art deco elevator from the “flashback” part of the hotel?  tower elevator

Thanks for your help, and I’ll make sure to share some photos of the work-in-progress and the finished product after this weekend! 🙂


~ Princess Lindsey

Leibster X2

A few lovely bloggers have nominated Lindsey and I for the Leibster Award–please do go check them out:

Becky at Run Becky Run


Kellie at Will Run for Ears

The questions below are Becky’s questions, with answers in italics:

1. What is your favorite “cheat” food?
Anything with potatoes and anything that I have baked.
2. What is one little-known fact about you?
I can’t stand over cooked eggs…especially if they are scrambled eggs.
3. Do you own any pets? If so, what?
No pets–am super allergic.
4. If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Right now, any coastal location with a running path–Australia (Sydney), California, Hawaii, etc. as the weather in Winnipeg has been so horrible.
5. What’s your next race?
Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon Relay in six days.
6. How did you get interested in running?
My dad was a runner when I was growing up and my friend Tara challenged me to run a half marathon when I finished grad school.
7. What’s your favorite time of day to run? Why?
Around 7pm in the evenings.  I get a second wind around that time and I just enjoy my runs more.
8. Do you run with someone or a pet?
I tend to run solo.
9. If you could meet any famous runner, who would it be?
I have no idea.   lol.
10. What song do you listen to most frequently while running?
Lately, it has been Get Lucky by Daft Punk. 

The questions below are Kellie’s questions and my answers are in italics.

1. When/why did you start running?

Started running about 24 hours and five minutes after I finished my Masters degree–my dear friend Tara challenged me to finally knock “run a half marathon” off my bucket list.  She gave me a year to train, I lost about sixty lbs and we ran Fargo in 2007 – before it was cool for Winnipeggers to drive to Fargo for that race.

 2. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

You’d think it would be running related, but I it’s not.  It would be my friendship with my friend in Australia.  Despite the miles and ocean between us, we are still super close and try our best to see each other as often as we can.  We have been lucky enough that in the almost 10 years since we met, we have met up seven times and number eight is coming up this October in Hawaii.

3. If you could pick anyone (famous or otherwise) to be your race day pacer, who would it be?  Why?

My dad.  He hasn’t been able to run for a really, really long time (stupid knee problems) and he misses it so much.  It would be a dream come true to run and finish a race with him.

4. Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

Ooh..tough call.  Walt Disney World has size and variety going for it, but Disneyland has some great memories of running and being with friends.  So…maybe Disneyland by an inch. 😉

 5. What would your theme song be?

Back in Black by AC/DC.  This song gets me energized like no other…

 6. What is your favorite movie?

Jaws.  Closely followed by So I Married an Axe Murderer.

 7.  What is your favorite motivational quotation or mantra?

Your body will keep going long after your mind has quit.

 8. If you could be anything, what would you be?

Hmm…a bakery owner, a sports medicine doctor and a rock star. 🙂

 9.  Why did you start blogging?

I blogged pre-Prairie Princess Runners as a way to help get me through a rough patch.  Lindsey and I became friends through work, shared our mutual love for running, Disney, etc…and well, the blog sorta just happened.

 10. What is your favorite thing about Disney?  (I look forward to lengthy responses to this one! lol)

The wonder, whimsy and ability to feel like you are in a completely different place and feel like a kid.  It’s probably the only place where I can walk around in sparkly face paint and Tinkerbell wings and not be looked at like a crazy person.

Oh and Splash Mountain.  That is my most favourite ride of all time.

Now, I am going to be a bit of a lame duck and not tag anyone for completing the Leibster Award.  I am only doing this, however, because so many people in my feed have been getting them and I have not kept track of who has and hasn’t been tagged.   In lieu of that, I am going to provide a short list of some of my favourite running blogs:

Nicole at Pink Elephant on Parade

 Kimberly at Black Dog Runs Disney

Lacey and Meranda at Fairytales and Fitness

Jenn and Moon at The Fairest Run of All

Kimberly at Mother Maker Marathon Runner

Enjoy! 🙂

~Princess Lisa