TWIRL ’16: Week 24

Sunday: 06/12/16

  • 11 miles on a treadmill, 8:40 avg pace
  • Generally speaking, I felt pretty good.  Had a bit of an upset stomach about 3/4 of the way through that demanded a quick stop, but otherwise things felt great and I even managed to pick up my pacing toward the end.
  • Didn’t do any post run rehab…was too focused on making s’mores croissants.

Monday: 06/13/16

  • 1.7 miles easy run
  • Weights: single left dead lifts, sumo squats, dumbbell lunges, bicep curls, tricep extensions, seated row, lat raise
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehabd
  • Feeling grateful for being discplined and doing weight training tonight.

Tuesday: 06/14/16

  • 2.58 miles. Wanted it to be a tempo run but legs were sore and tired from last two workouts. Power walked the remaining 39 mins until I hit an hour on the treadmill.
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehab.
  • Feeling grateful that the pork tenderloin I made for dinner turned out amazingly

Wednesday: 06/15/16

  • 60 minutes of trx, herbie rehab, 30/30/30
  • 40 min power walk.  Legs simply felt like death warmed over…esp. after TRX.
  • Feeling grateful for good company that is keeping me accountable for TRX and believe it or not, I’m already seeing the benefits.

Thursday: 06/16/16

  • 4 miles at an avg. pace of 7:58!!!!! SUB 8s for four miles on average!! YAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!
  • Feeling grateful that my work is starting to pay off…my speed is coming back.

Friday: 06/17/16

  • Zero.  Got last minute tickets to see Garth Brooks!
  • Feeling grateful that I got to see an awesome show missed being a victim of drunken violence by a hair.

Saturday: 06/18/16

  • Zero.  Pre-race rest.

Weekly run mileage: 14.2
Total run mileage: 352.54

Do you even lift, Bro?

Sigh.  I love my gym…I really do.  Despite the numerous faults (like constantly broken headphone jacks on the cardio equipment, treadmills that aren’t properly leveled or calibrated or fitness classes that only target very specific demographics of the population), it is a great facility.  The people that attend said facility…sigh.  Not so great.

I really, really want to do regular weight training and my habit is starting to become regular again after many years of half assed attempts.  I know that when I do, I am a better runner…a healthier runner and most importantly for me right now, a faster runner. Two weeks in a row now, I have gone to TRX classes (YES!) and last night I did some regular free weights with dumbbells and plan to hit up TRX tomorrow.  *pats myself on the back*

It is busy at the gym right now as the student summer discount passes are in effect so all the bros and young n00bs are now part of my daily fitness habit.  The n00bs are not so bad…they will eventually fade in a few weeks when motivation wanes, but the bros…ugh…the bros.

Summers mean more bros at the gym than the rest of the year…and they all hang out, with their dumb and horribly smelly protein shakes, in the one big free weight room – the only weight room in the facility with the two squat racks and all the other bigger weight training equipment.  Making it impossible to actually get on the squat rack and making me feel, as a female, like I’m being judged and on display for entering “their” bro-main (do ya like that? bro-main? Instead of domain?  I crack myself up!).

I am generally not that easily intimidated, but there is just sooo much testosterone and Axe Body spray that it makes me not want to go in there and have to force my way into do what I need to do. It leaves me feeling frustrated and annoyed and not very feminist by not going into the weight room, but at the same time…I just don’t feel like dealing with it.  this is where I see the value in women only gyms, truly.

So ladies (and gentlemen…if you are reading), I ask your opinion – what do you do when you are feeling like you don’t want to be on display in male dominated areas of your gym?  Or do I just woman-up with my big girl run-dies and do my thing despite feeling uncomfortable?

Thanks folks!

TWIRL ’16: Week 23

Sunday: 06/05/16

  • Commit to Get Fit 10K…oy…that was rough.  (6.33 miles on my garmin..bah)
  • Average pace was 8:21…more deets to come in my race recap.
  • Splits: 7:59/7:48/8:11/8:59/8:30/8:56/7:19
  • Feeling grateful that I was simply able to finish it without pain.  Given that I was in pain all the time from this time 2013 until fall of 2015, I’m feeling pretty happy to be pain free in life and in running.

Monday: 06/06/16:

  • Rest day – had a migraine and getting out of bed wasn’t happening.
  • Feeling grateful for migraine meds…they work 90% of the time…though they didn’t quite work today. lol

Tuesday: 06/07/16

  • 3.51 miles easy.  Felt good just to move and about 15 minutes of walking for warm up and cool down.
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehab.
  • Feeling grateful that I survived the work day without throttling anyone.

Wednesday: 06/08/16

  • 60 minutes of trx, herbie rehab, 30/30/30
  • speed work: half mile repeats, 5.08 miles
  • Splits: 8:42 (w/u)/7:52/8:48/7:42/8:53/7:40/8:59/7:31/9:19
  • Feeling grateful for discipline that helped me not only go to trx, but do speed work AFTER trx, when I was ready to go home.

Thursday: 06/09/16

  • sorta easy 5 miles and change…I forgot to start my watch and I took a walk break.  unofficial total mileage was over 6 miles on the treadmill…5.16 on the garmin.
  • splits:8:34/8:35/8:36/8:34/13.21 (.15 mile walk break)/8:24
  • Feeling grateful for a faster than easy run that felt pretty good despite being fatigued from my double workout yesterday.

Friday: 06/10/16

  • Rest Day.
  • Feeling grateful for an impromptu dinner and a friend.  French fries and grapefruit beer have never been more enjoyable.

Saturday: 06/04/16

  • 4 miles ish–my Garmin was dead….but I just took it wasy and felt pretty darn great.
  • Feeling grateful for chillaxed Saturdays.

Weekly run mileage: 23.92
Total run mileage: 362.26