My Trip to Aus

I am finally going to offer up some highlights of my trip. This wasn’t a typical sightseeing style vacation, though there was some. I was visiting my good friends, infiltrating their daily lives…and so it wasn’t a vacation in the traditional sense.

I did get to meet my adopt a niece E…even got to take her to swimming lessons.  Also got to take her big sister C to her ballet classes.

I got to spend lots of time with lovely friends and cute kiddos.  I got to enjoy some beach time, a scenic drive,  and not one but two evenings in Circular Quay, which is home to the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

and then there was the food…oh holy heck was that good….

but the best of the food needs to wait for another post because it is out of this world!

Stay Tuned!

~Princess Lisa


I had something really neat happen to me last night at the gym.  I was actually mid-way through changing out of my sweaty gear (this is the one awkward part of this story) and a woman came up to me and said “Oh my god!  You’re the girl from the paper!!”

I was like “uuuh what?”

She responded, “you’re the girl from the paper…the runner who has all the medals and runs races in Disney! You’re her!  I have always wanted to meet you!”

My first response in my head was “wow, this is sorta odd for this to be happening halfway out of my sports bra…”150318-marathon-01.jpg

My actual response was “oh yeah…that was me.  You have got a good memory because that was awhile ago.”  The article was in the paper almost a year to the day (March 21, 2015).

She then proceeded to tell me how that article and the picture of my friend and I and our medals motivated her and her daughter to start doing 5Ks together and how it has led them to develop an even closer bond.

I thanked her for sharing her story and encouraged her and  her daughter to continue doing what they were doing, that I looked forward to hopefully seeing them at some other races in the city over the racing season and that they should try working toward a Disney race because despite the expense, they really are a fun time. 🙂

The lady thanked me again and went on her way.  I left the gym and felt like I was floating home on a happy cloud.  It was such a strange but wonderful thing and I am rather grateful for having the chance to experience it.

Have you ever been told that you were someone’s motivation or runspiration to do something?  Be it participate in a race? Get healthy? Try a new thing?  Tell me the story in the comments!

Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa

Wine n Dine is happening!

Soo…Team Can-Am is going to Wine n Dine!  Me, Nic and Kellie are doing Lumiere’s Two-Course Challenge and Rae and Kim are doing the half.  I’m so excited and relieved we got in.  Especially since Rae and I encountered some pretty horrible technical problems..



I’m so excited about getting to spend the weekend with these lovely ladies and run what will be my twentieth half marathon (with a last minute addition to my current schedule), my fifth Disney Challenge (by the time I get there I will have done Dumbo twice, Glass Slipper and Pixie Dust) and my first time doing Wine n Dine.

Now I just need to train…and based on the runs I have experienced over the last week, after being away from running due to vacation and illness for a month, it may not be all that fun to start. lol.

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa