A Princess Bucket List

Although racing through the prairies can be perfectly magical on its own, we princesses have a few bigger aspirations too!

Prairie Princesses Joint Bucket List

  • runDisney Glass Slipper Challenge (Enchanted 10k + Princess Half Marathon)
  • runDisney Dumbo Double Dare (Disneyland 10k + Half Marathon)
  • runDisney Princess Half Marathon (Completed: February 2013)
  • runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon
  • runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon
  • runDisney Walt Disney World Half Marathon
  • runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco

Princess Lindsey’s Bucket List

  • complete 5k sub-28:00 minutes
  • complete 10k sub-60:00 minutes
  • complete Half Marathon sub-2:00:00 hours
  • 10 timed races in 2013 (current status: 9 complete, 1 more scheduled = 10!)
  • get a runDisney Coast-2-Coast medal (run a half marathon on each coast in the same calendar year)
  • do each runDisney race at least once!
  • run in every Canadian province/territory (complete so far: Alberta, Saskatchewan)
  • run in NYC (planned for US Thanksgiving 2013!)
  • run in Europe
  • run south of the equator

Princess Lisa’s Bucket List

  • Run another Marathon (preferably NYC)
  • Run a race in NYC.
  • Run a sub 4-hour Marathon
  • Run each Disney Race at least once, including the “challenges” like the Coast to Coast and Dumbo Double Dare Challenge etc.
    • Disneyland Half (completed 2010, 2013)
    • Princess Half (completed 2013 and 2015)
    • Dumbo Double Dare (completed 2013)
    • Coast to Coast (completed 2013)
    • Tower of Terror 10 Miler (completed October 2014)
    • Glass Slipper Challenge (completed February 2015)
    • Tinkerbell Half/Pixie Dust Challenge (completed May 2015)
    • Pink Coast to Coast (completed May 2015)
    • Wine & Dine (to be completed November 2015)
  • Run a sub 55:00 minute 10K (completed in July 2013)
  • Run a sub 25 minute 5K
  • Run a race in Europe (Paris or London preferred)
  • Run a race in Australia (preferably the Sydney Marathon (likely a half)
  • Run a sub 1:50 and then a sub 1:45 half marathon.
  • Race in an Olympic distance triathlon
  • Run the Great Wall of China Marathon, even if I have to walk.

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