Feelin the Feels

There have been a lot of feels happening over the last few days. People around me are experiencing wonderful and horrible things. It’s funny how this stuff seems to come in waves.

It has left me feeling this odd feeling.  A feeling of wanting to take everyone I love and hug them all a little closer and find ways to protect them from everything and to stop everything I am doing and do all the dream travel I have wanted to do…like surf school in Costa Rica or seeing Paris as a full fledged, employed adult with a greater appreciation for all the delish food.

Deep down, I know that I can’t really do either of those things.  I can’t control what happens to the people I care about and well, I am not independently wealthy.

My takeaway from this, is to simply try my best to embrace life in all capacities. Try to experience more, with people I care about, and do what is best for me, not what anyone else needs/wants.


me and my long distance bestie in Hawaii 2014


And on that note, I am going to send an email to one of my long distance besties and schedule a much needed facetime date for the weekend.



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