Friday (Iced) Coffee Date

IMG_2096[1]Happy Friday Folks!

It is a gorgeous warm day today and well, I can’t think of anything better than an coffee date to start the day off.  I have my coffee in hand (though sadly not in my favourite mug pictured at right).

If we were having a coffee date, I’d ask you about your plans, if you were doing any sort of summer fun, running races or cooking up something delicious.  I’d ask how your partner, if you had one is…how your family is doing.

I would probably ask if you if you had any thoughts on the Brexit vote and if you had ever been to the UK or even Europe in general.  I would probably also lament the impact of the Brexit on the value of the Canadian dollar.May also ask you about local politics if you are the sort that has an interest in it.

I would tell you about my weekend plans – cooking dinner for a friend’s birthday today.  The menu is Filet Mignon, roasted taters and honey sriracha butter grilled corn, with pineapple cilantro mojitos and key lime pie for dessert.  There will also be another bbq, where I will get to see a friend who lives far away and meet her twin babies for the first time.  I will be making some cupcakes for the occasion.  I also have a shorter long run planned of around 10 miles on Sunday but it will likely be indoors due to the weather forecast.

If you were running minded or a fan of Canadian Olympics, I would ask your opinion on Canadian runner, Lanni Merchant and her fight to try and represent Canada in both the 10,000 metre and marathon races.  Here’s an opinion piece from the CBC as to why she should be representing at both.  The main reason the Canadian Olympic folks don’t want her in both is that they feel like she won’t be able to do her best at both, thus decreasing our chance to medal in either, given the events are so close together.  I feel she has earned a place for both and should get to do both.

And now it’s time to get back to work. Thanks for the lovely company and have a great weekend!

Much Love,



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