TWIRL ’16: Week 24

Sunday: 06/12/16

  • 11 miles on a treadmill, 8:40 avg pace
  • Generally speaking, I felt pretty good.  Had a bit of an upset stomach about 3/4 of the way through that demanded a quick stop, but otherwise things felt great and I even managed to pick up my pacing toward the end.
  • Didn’t do any post run rehab…was too focused on making s’mores croissants.

Monday: 06/13/16

  • 1.7 miles easy run
  • Weights: single left dead lifts, sumo squats, dumbbell lunges, bicep curls, tricep extensions, seated row, lat raise
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehabd
  • Feeling grateful for being discplined and doing weight training tonight.

Tuesday: 06/14/16

  • 2.58 miles. Wanted it to be a tempo run but legs were sore and tired from last two workouts. Power walked the remaining 39 mins until I hit an hour on the treadmill.
  • 30/30/30 and herbie rehab.
  • Feeling grateful that the pork tenderloin I made for dinner turned out amazingly

Wednesday: 06/15/16

  • 60 minutes of trx, herbie rehab, 30/30/30
  • 40 min power walk.  Legs simply felt like death warmed over…esp. after TRX.
  • Feeling grateful for good company that is keeping me accountable for TRX and believe it or not, I’m already seeing the benefits.

Thursday: 06/16/16

  • 4 miles at an avg. pace of 7:58!!!!! SUB 8s for four miles on average!! YAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!
  • Feeling grateful that my work is starting to pay off…my speed is coming back.

Friday: 06/17/16

  • Zero.  Got last minute tickets to see Garth Brooks!
  • Feeling grateful that I got to see an awesome show missed being a victim of drunken violence by a hair.

Saturday: 06/18/16

  • Zero.  Pre-race rest.

Weekly run mileage: 14.2
Total run mileage: 352.54

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