Race Recap: Physio Fit Run

The Race
Name: The Physio Fit Run 26th Anniversary
Date: Saturday, May 14, 2016
Location: Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Registration Fee: $40 (I registered late) plus a $3.50 registration fee for a total of $43.50.
Race Package Contents: a shirt, bib and race chip.

Race Day
Weather: COLD!  it was -5 air temp, no idea what the windchill was, but other than the cold, is was a bright, sunshiny day.
Clothing: Wore three layers.  A super light tank, followed by a hoodie and then a windbreaker jacket.  Only started to get warm around the mile four mark, but it wasn’t unbearable.
Shoes: My new-ish Asics GT-2000 3s.
Accessories: sunnies, my arm pocket for my phone/id/cash and a headband to keep my ears warm and ache free (cold winds  make my ears ache like crazy).

My Race
Distance: 10K
Goal Time: None really.  I really wanted to finish strong as this was my first race in a year.
Clock Time: 52:33
Chip Time: 52:15
Splits: 8:13/8:13/8:13/8:16/8:19/8:33/7:49 (0.32 miles for my last split according to the Garmin as it registered as 6.32 miles)
Place: 4th/20 in my age group (F35-39), 20/133 women, 69/243

Thoughts and Feelings

IMG_1578[1]So. Many. Feels.  This race went SO much better than I thought it would.  I went in with little expectations for time.  I wanted to push and just do my best and I think I did that.  My only issue came toward the end…mile 6, as you can see by my splits, was slow thanks to a side stitch that just wouldn’t fade. Admittedly, if this was the worst that happens to me a race when I was feeling really unfit and unprepared, I am totally a -ok.

I had a mild exercise induced headache afterwards, which sucked, but I also felt like it was worth it because well, it was awesome to race again.  The fact that it went so well…only 3 minutes and change off of my PR time, makes me feel like I might just be able to get my speed back. 🙂

The course wasn’t overly spectacular…it’s the same route as a number of other 10Ks in the City that happen at the park and that is not the race director’s fault by any means…it’s just the nature of running a race in a park vs a neighbourhood.

I loved the fact that there was a medal for the 10K.  Much like a lot of runners, I like getting finishing medals at races…I find it more meaningful than the race shirt or my bib.  The race shirt was pretty cute and has the same turtle as the medal, but it is a cotton poly blend so it will most likely become a pj shirt vs a training shirt.

This is definitely a race I would consider running again in the future.

TWIRL ’16: Week 21

Sunday: 05/22/16

  • Zero.  Plans changed and it left no time to run.
  • Feeling grateful another birthday for one of my adopt a nieces.

Monday: 05/23/16:

  • 10 miles.  Average pace 8:40
  • Feeling grateful this happened, but I wasn’t thinking it was.  🙂

Tuesday: 05/24/16

  • 3.0 miles that was supposed to be easy but I ended up running 8:16/8:17/8:11.  I just felt the urge to run the stress of the day away, even though it hurt me after.
  • Feeling grateful that I appear to be injury free despite getting t-boned on my drive to work.  I am also grateful for the man who stopped and came forward as a witness to my accident and the fact that the cops who were a few about 50 metres away also came to my aid during the accident.

Wednesday: 05/25/16

  • 5.11 miles of speed work
  • 8:43 (w/u)/7:48/8:48/7:39/8:52/7:38/8:56/7:36/10:20 (c/d)
  • Feeling grateful for a number of things today….feeling grateful a friend hung with me while I did this speed work…because good grief did it feel horrible.  I’m also feeling grateful that today marks the one-year anniversary at my new job and I am still alive.

Thursday: 05/26/16

  • No fitness today – going out with some friends from high school to see a band we loved in high school…it’s going to be epic!!!
  • Feeling grateful for pineapple mojitos and laughs and friends.

Friday: 05/27/16

  • 4.01 miles. Splits: 8:18/ 8:16/8:18/8:19
  • Glad I got the run in as I had a lot of stuff to do tonight and I wanted to quit at mile two.

Saturday: 05/28/16

  • Zero fitness.  Not planned, but late night on Friday and early morning to volunteer for the Pride 5K this morning…left me feeling bagged..plus I had plans in the evening.
  • Feeling grateful for fun nights with good friends.

Weekly run mileage: 22.12
Total run mileage: 315.40

Gratitude to the Rescue

The last few weeks have been a bit lame.  They’ve involved family doing stupid shit (and fortunately some of them doing wonderful things), some mild rejection, stressful work times and a car accident where someone ran a stop sign and plowed into my 8 month old Rav4.


The damage

They’ve also involved one of my favourite Canadian rockstars, Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, announcing he has had terminal brain cancer.  I know you are thinking, really, Lisa?  You are upset about a rock star?  Yes…I am.  I’ve seen this band approximately 20 times.  I have met the band and have set lists, drum sticks, mic stands, and autographs.  I’ve had conversations with them…and the lead singer, Gord Downie, is just something to be watched.  I highly recommend you go check them out on You Tube….especially these songs…but admittedly there are soooo many good ones:

  1. New Orleans is Sinking
  2. Poets
  3. Wheat Kings
  4. Three Pistols
  5. Locked in the Trunk of  a Car.

Gord Downie at the Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg in September 2009 – I had front row seats and snagged myself a pair of drumsticks at this show.

The Gord Downie thing makes me sad obviously because someone I admire immensely has been given a terminal diagnosis, but it also adds to the feeling of mortality to all my loved ones…this year a lot of my favourite musicians have passed…and these are all musicians I have seen with my dad…and it makes me realize his mortality as well, which, even as I type this, brings up a whole lotta emotion.

Given all of these shenanigans, I’ve been really trying to focus on gratitude and it truly does appear to be helping.  I’m grateful that I’m safe and was not harmed in the car accident…and that nobody else was either.  I’m grateful that I got to see this band so many times and that I got to enjoy them with so many friends and family.  I’m grateful that I got to have a really great braised bacon benedict for lunch on Tuesday.  I’m grateful I get to spend tonight with some old friends.

As I get older, I am seeing the value in this whole gratitude thing more and more.  It won’t take away the sadness, admittedly, but it forces you to see what has been good in a day/week/month/year that on the whole was anything but.  In the end, I know I can’t control everyone or everything, but I can, however, control what I’m feeling grateful for…and I know that some days, that will simply be breathing in and out…and other days it will be the fact that I was able to eat the most delicious cheeseburger and fries.  To take stock of those things…the big and the small…it really is impactful and it provides a light during the times of dark.

Take care, express some gratitude and go listen to the Hip….