Friday Five

TGIF to the max.  It’s been a busy week in work and outside of work.  I’m glad to have a partially chill weekend ahead. I say partial as it is quite likely that I will have to work this weekend to prep for a presentation I’m doing on Tuesday on a new initiative I will be proposing and leading in my organization…scary but awesome.

As this Friday Five is on the bleeding edge of a new month…and it’s finally feeling like spring, I’m going to pop up a May bucket list for the five things I want to do this month.

  1. Run a 10K race.  There are a few coming up….just need to pull the trigger.  It will be my first race in a year…and it won’t be pretty.  The goal will be to finish and nothing more.
  2. Test out the different running clubs in the city.  Yes, I know…I have said I would do this before and I failed…but I’m really hoping that this time, I can find one that sticks.  I feel like I would benefit from having running buddies.
  3. Do some cross training…weights……swimming…I need to shake it up a smidge.
  4. Spend more time with friends and family…and doing things that aren’t just eating and drinking.  I was a bit of a  hermit since I started this job…and especially over the winter.  I want to change this up big time.
  5. Try to give myself weekly manicures.  I love the look of polished nails, but I’m not so good at it.  Perfect time to learn and practice. 🙂

Do you have any fun things you want to do in May?  Let me know your May bucket list…or maybe your May f@ck it list?

It’s been one of those weeks…

Life is sorta annoying right now….it makes me want to be like Miss Bridge Jones below and take a few mental health days and spend them in silence at the local Nordic spa.


Or…at the very least, I want it to be the weekend…specifically Sunday as it is a day where I have zero commitments aside from my long run….well and work.  I sorta forgot about that work piece…le sigh.

I’ve been making up for lost social time the last few weeks..going out on weekends and school nights with different people for food n drink….I had forgotten how fun it can be to get on some high heels and be out among people vs hibernating.  I have plans with friends the next three nights…but don’t worry, I will still make sure I get fitness in….in fact, one of my dates is for fitness – a free pop-up hip hop dance class tomorrow after work (though I will be attempting to leave a bit early to sneak in a run before hand as the class is in a scenic part of Winnipeg and it would be nice to run there.IMG_1301[1]

I also need to get myself some runners. I have always, always been an Asics girl…but…I switched to the Nimbus a few years ago after the GT 2000s were changed and I started to get constant Plantar Fasciitis…..but since I switched to the Nimbus, I have had really burny/painful blisters developing on my arches…and and arguably have gotten worse with the newest iteration of the Nimbus.  Insert sad face because I loved how consistent Asics were for me for such a long time….and so now begins the struggle to find new shoes.

The ones pictured above are Saucony Guide 9s…they are ok, but have given me a pretty lovely blister on my right foot (apparently that is my “wide” foot, which I didn’t know I had) and they make my toes go numb on the left foot.  I will be hitting up the running store again to try a new shoe because though these were closer to feeling better (no burny blister patch on my arch), they aren’t quite what I need.  I’m going to print out the recommendations on Runner’s World’s Shoe Like Mine search tool and see if any of those match up with my apparently fussy feet.

On that note, I bid you all adieu and have a happy Small Friday! 🙂






TWIRL ’16: Week 16

Sunday: 04/17/16

  • Ran a 5K (3.13 based on the Garmin).  It was pretty horrible….started it with a light migraine….got ever so much worse by the time I was done.  Walked about twenty minutes or so after that to try and balance out the take out I was grabbing for dinner as there was no way I was cooking given how bad I felt.
  • Feeling grateful for migraine meds, which eventually kicked in and reduced my pain just in time for me to go to bed.

Monday: 04/18/16

  • 6.51 miles…various inclines between 0.5 and 1.0%.  Avg pace:  8:40 and splits: 8:40/8:45/8:44/8:47/8:44/8:35/8:19
  • 30/30/30, herbie rehab.
  • Feeling grateful that I finally listened to my own advice.

Tuesday: 04/19/16

  • Nothing.  Migraine.  Bah.
  • Feeling grateful for cherry coke and migraine meds.

Wednesday: 04/20/16

  • 1/2 mile repeats with 5 minute warm up (0.56 mile) and 5 minute cool down (0.45 mi). Total mileage is 4.01 miles, incline was 1%
  • Splits: 7:44/ 8:52/7:47/8:53/7:47/8:55
  • 30/30/30, herbie rehab, squats, walking lunges, one legged med ball dead lifts, rows, skull crushers, supermans, clamshells, and then one quick and heavy set of bicep curls and lat raises (gym was closing).
  • Feeling grateful for a great day at work and a great workout…and feeling that perfect amount of exhaustion where you can’t wait to get to bed. 😉

Thursday: 04/21/16

  • easy 5K today (3.13 miles).  Was very sore from all my weights yesterday.  Sigh.  Did a cool down walk for a bit but I stopped my watch so I’m not sure how long.  I’m thinking five mins or so.
  • 30/30/30
  • Feeling grateful that my big brother celebrated another birthday and that I had got to see the late, great, Prince live, in concert…twice…

Friday: 04/22/16

  • Nothing.  Took a day off because I was just feeling like I needed it.
  • Feeling grateful for a night to myself, doing anything I felt like.

Saturday: 04/23/16

  • 2.91 miles of running and  a whole lot more walking.  Just wasn’t feeling it today.  meh.
  • Feeling grateful that I survived a very stressful moment when out with friends this evening.

Weekly run mileage: 19.69
Total Swim mileage: 5.13 miles (8.28 kms)
Total run mileage for 2016: 238.44  miles