Running Again

Or so I hope.

I tweaked my 17 month long injury (hip flexor) when I started to try and get back into my running a few weeks ago,  I am hoping that, after two weeks off (well, not entirely off, but def.  more cross training than running focused), I can come back now…and for good.

The injury happened a few weeks prior to this run...I stubbornly trained with immense pain for months.

The injury happened a few weeks prior to this run…I stubbornly trained with immense pain for months.

I’m hoping to sneak in three runs this week.  Probably around 5K, definitely not fast.  I will consider it a victory if I can make it through those runs without pain during or after.  I’m hopefully but I am definitely not expecting much….these runs will probably feel horrible and the entire time I will be worrying and wondering about whether or not I will re-tweak my injury.

I realize being fast is not everything.  And truth be told, I will be ecstatic if I can just run pain free again…but I worked so hard to get that speed and now it feels it is sooo far away.  Almost impossible.  But I am def. going to try.  I want to get back…and I want to run my sub 1:50 half.  I want to run another marathon and do so feeling strong (and ideally fast for me).

Screw it…man, I just want to F@%^#&@#&^ing run.

But, I guess, I really can’t worry about all that now.  Just need to focus on getting better….and well, on that note, I am going for a run!

Wish me luck!

~Princess Lisa

Flights are officially BOOKED and a quick Friday Five

My aussie and me!

My aussie and me!

Australia here I come!!!!

So flipping excited…even though it is four months away. But…I am truthfully, quite thrilled to go out and see my darling friends.  Meet my newest adopt a niece (and celebrate her first birthday) and just get some sunshine and ocean after what I’m sure will be a brutal Winnipeg winter.

It has been more than five years since my last trip–which was for my dear friend’s wedding in 2011.  Granted I have been lucky enough to have met up with my friend D a few times since then, but there are a few of my Aussie group that I have not seen since the wedding.

Aside from seeing my girls (and obviously their fun partners, friends and kids), there are other things I’m looking forward to on my trip…which I’m going to lay out in this upcoming Friday Five post…

  1. Peter Alexander Pyjamas.  These PJs are THE best.  So pretty and very well made.  They also have lots of great pop culture lines including Harry Potter, Lion King, The Simpsons and even Frozen.  Can’t wait to see what they have out in March when I go.
  2. Coopers Beer.  So. Good. Can’t. Wait.  I may already have a “date” for breakfast beers with my friend’s hubby.
  3. Dipping my toes (and maybe my whole body) in the ocean.  Seriously…Manly, Bondi, Cronulla…so many beautiful beaches, so little time….wonder if it will still be warm enough to surf?
  4. Food.  There are certain things that Australia has that are just plain delicious….like chicken chips, tim tams, kingstons, mint slices…omg…mouth is watering.
  5. Sipping a latte on the steps of the Sydney Opera House and watching the crowds roll by.  So peaceful.

Happy Friday!

~Princess Lisa

My Body is NOT Co-operating

It’s been awhile since I have been sick.  It was the end of 2013.  IT was a doozey of a cold that followed me into the new year, but I haven’t been sick with a proper cold since….just fighting baby germs that showed them selves as day or two long sore throats.

I firmly believe that I avoided being sick because of my running.  I know that, when my dad was running, he NEVER got sick…and it seemed to be working for me, too.

But now…it’s that horrible cold n flu season and I’m not really running (thanks hip flexor) and now it appears that my body is slowly but surely caving to those horrible germs.  DAMN!

Fighting those germs!

Fighting those germs!

Side note– I’m not giving up without a fight–I have green tea, chicken noodle soup and Cold FX in my lunch bag today.

And even though I know there is never a good time to get sick, the timing of these germs is not so great.  I have swim club tonight, curling tomorrow, a six hour baking seminar on Saturday and then I’m gone to a resort a few hours away for some training for most of the week.


On the plus side, it is highly likely that, if I do end up sick now, it means that I should be relatively germ free for at least a year…which should mean I won’t be sick for my trip to Australia in March or for Wine n Dine next year (yes, I’m already planning for it).

Maybe this cold is a blessing in disguise.  It will force me to slow down and rest a bit this weekend after several extremely busy weekends.  Maybe I can find some good tv to binge watch.

Anyway, must get back to trying to work despite feeling like sh!t (and very likely looking like sh!t, too).

Happy Small Friday!

~Princess Lisa