Countdown til the Weekend


a weekend of swimming, beer…oh and some bbq (not pictured)

Granted I just finished a pretty restful but productive weekend, but I am sooo excited for the weekend coming up as I am going to Ottawa to visit friends.  This includes a day long visit to Le Nordik…with a 60 minute deep tissue massage with my friends.

On this trip, I will also get to spend time with my friends almost brand new baby daughter…as well as their eldest and my friend’s baby, too.  Soo many babies.

I’m also looking forward to a change of scenery for a few runs.  The friend I am staying with lives across the street from a beach area with a paved path–so I think I will get my run on a few times this trip….unless I wake up hungover. Hah!

In the meantime, I feel as though this week is going to fly by.  Tonight I have my uncle’s 70th birthday party.  Tomorrow I have a pedicure appointment. Wednesday I have to pack.  Thursday night I leave for O-town. Fingers crossed that work doesn’t get to squirrely in the coming days. 🙂

me and my bling
me and my bling

What are your labour day plans?  Perhaps running the Dumbo Double Dare?  My fave Disney race of all time!  Maybe going out to the cottage?  Maybe getting some fall decluttering happening?

Let me know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa

Experiences > Stuff

As all of the back to school emails float in, with beautiful sweaters, blazers, scarves and boots, I’m reminded of my goal to try and focus on experiences rather than stuff. Aside from a few things I genuinely need (a new black turtleneck as mine is ripped, a new pair of flats to keep in my office as my current pair of ballet flats is destroyed and some new sports bras because non supported boobage while running is HORRIBLE), I am pretty much set for all things clothes, purses, etc….ps. must stay away from the Kate Spade promo emails.

Since the big “35” I have taken steps to live up to the experiences over stuff.  I have registered for a Masters Swim Club, two or cooking seminars (one about chopping like a chef as I don’t really know how and I like my fingers, and the other about pies/pastries as my pie game needs to expand beyond graham crusts), and it looks like I might just be joining a curling league.  YES….you heard me….a curling league.  Yes, I am frightened, too.  The last time I curled as a one off spare, I fell and might’ve been concussed.  Hoping this doesn’t happen this time around.

I may…..may take a photography class.  I say may because with the new job there are much more demands on my time and energy…and sometimes emergencies I will have to deal with…I don’t want to feel overloaded because me and overloaded are not a good mix.

On a broader scale, I’m also planning a few trips.  I’m going to Ottawa and Minneapolis in the month of September–just short weekends away to see friends or shows.  In March, I am hoping to head to Australia to visit my friend and celebrate her baby daughter’s first birthday.  Though, I will admit, if I’m heading out to Aus, there will have to be a bit of “stuff” purchasing–my favourite PJ store is there–good ol’ Peter Alexander. Ooh..maybe if the timing is right and my injury is better, maybe I can even run a race?

Have you ever tried focusing on experiences rather than stuff?  How did you keep your desire to get new stuff at bay?

~Princess Lisa


Happy Sunday! 🙂

I’m 35.


Thirty- flipping-five.

Where the hell does the time go?  Like, seriously….it feels like I was just planning my 30th birthday extravaganza yesterday….and yet, at the same time it doesn’t.  So many weddings and babies have come since then…sadly neither of them were mine…but who knows what the future holds, right?

But…last year, just before my birthday, I started seeing Coach Tara ( a combo life coach/therapist), based on a recommendation from a dear friend.  I can, without a doubt, say that I’m so, so, so happy that I made that appointment.  Things are definitely not perfect, but things are definitely changing and moving in a positive direction and I have learned a ton and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone….and it’s pretty great.

I am one for lists and inventories and this post will be no different…’s some of the things I have done, thanks to Tara:

  • Boudoir photo shoot–SUCH a massive confidence builder and so much fun.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone.  Oh and these photos are mine–no one else’s–which is what I like best about them
  • I went out on dates with 5 different guys since December.  Dumped three of them (the others were first dates that didn’t go anywhere, thank goodness)
  • Dated one of those guys for several months…longest ever
  • Managed not to re-engage my eating disorder with injury related weight gain
  • I have a new job and appear to be succeeding so far
  • Experimented with being more “open” when out and about–this is something I need to re-engage again, I think
  • I stand up for myself now in a number of aspects in my life, where I wouldn’t in the past
  • I take better care of myself–with “Lisa” time where I putter around the house, sleep, bake, whatever….just as long as it feels good
  • When I am feeling kinda bad/sad/crappy/down, it doesn’t last as long as it used to
  • I feel more confident…and prettier, smarter, energized…it’s still not where I would like it to be, but it’s so much better than where it was
  • I can deal with my mother…it’s not fun, but I can do it now

I’m sure there is more, but this list feels pretty inclusive.  I have no idea what 35 has in store, but I’m hoping I will continue to grow and learn from the highs and lows that life always has.

Much love,

~Princess Lisa