Summer Bucket List

Inspired by one of my all time favourite baking blogs, Joy the Baker, I decided to follow her lead and create myself a fun Summer Bucket List.

So without further adieu…here it is….20 fun things I wanna do this summer!

1. Meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a long while for patio drinks.

2. Meet up with friends from out of town–be it on my turf of theirs (hello upcoming trip to Ottawa).

3. Make something delicious with the herbs I am growing on my windowsill at work.

4. Experiment to make my own perfect homemade cold brew coffee with my French press.

5. Maybe run…hopefully…again…and preferably with a run club.

6. Go to the beach.

7. Make some yummy ice cream from scratch….or maybe a few so I can find a perfect summer of 2015 ice cream.

8. Learn how to bbq.

9. Help my dad set up his new patio furniture and then enjoy a meal sitting on it.

10. Read a fun summer read in a park on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

11.  Hit up the farmer’s market and make a delicious meal with my purchases

12. Practice some easy meal planning/prep.

13.  Go for a (fitness) swim.

14.  Catch a summer blockbuster.  Maybe two.

15.  Sleep in on a handful of Saturdays.

16.  Dump the guy I am currently seeing… (this is probably going to be the first thing on my list to do).

17.  Find a new guy that is awesome….may take a looong while longer.

18.  Make a really, really good mojito.

19.  Have a leisurely, indulgent out door brekkie.

20. Do something I haven’t done before…sky’s the limit…well…maybe not sky–the idea of sky diving freaks me out to no avail.

What do you wanna do this summer?

~Princess Lisa

One Month Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!!!

It’s been one month since I started my new job–and good news–I still LOVE it.

Don’t get me wrong–there are frustrating aspects to it–like any job…but, generally speaking, it is great.  I am learning a ton, I’m working on interesting stuff and there are people in my office to talk to.

It’s also nice to go to a workplace where I can dress up and not feel odd–my old office was crazy, lax on dressing for work and it made me feel weird and shlumpy going into work most days.  Yes, I declare shlumpy to be a word.

Plus, I’m finally starting to establish a bit of a routine–I made a proper, non boxed, cooked dinner last night for the first time in a month–that has to count for something, right?

It still floors me a bit that I’m here and in this job after being miserable and feeling aimless (career-wise) for such a long time.  It all happened so quick…decided to start applying for jobs in January…applied in March–had the job by mid April, started here at the end of May.  WHOA!

At the end of the day, I think what I like most about this job is that I feel valued and like I am making an impact–which still blows my mind that I feel this way over a month compared to the nearly five years I spent at my old job and NEVER felt that way.

So yeah…cheers to a fun one month and hopefully many more in the future! 🙂


~Princess Lisa

My Gramma is a Champ

My grandfather died on March 5, 2014.  My grandma had been married to him for 62 years.

She was lost without him.

We signed her up to my gym.

Got her kitted out in some workout gear, new runners.

She motored on the treadmill, track and around town with my older brother.

Father’s day last year, she wore my grandfather’s favourite cap, and completed her first 10K with my cousin…in the rain.

She was 79 at the time

Since then she run and additional 2 10Ks since.

She has won her age in both of these last races, PR’d once.

In between she fell down her icy stairs, broke ribs, punctured a lung.

Being fit saved her life.

Making this race even more meaningful.

We already have her next 10K planned for October.

She wants more medals.

She is my hero.

The only positive of a crappy volunteer experience–sneaking down to the finish line to greet my grams and cousin!

  Never say you are too old, too tired, too inexperienced.

Get up.


Do it.





Be like Super Grams.  Know she loves you like her own grandkids and she wants you to move! 🙂

~Princess Lisa