That’s Life

You know you haven’t blogged in awhile when you actually can’t remember the last time you wrote a blog post.


Everyone has excuses and goodness knows I have a lot.  Business travel, pleasure travel, race training, friends, family, dates, new job, finishing the old job and even some car problems as of this morning…I’m not complaining but it makes for one exhausted girl and a lack desire to blog.

I survived my long, rather exhausting business trip, made it through the Pixie Dust much better and happier than I had anticipated–apparently no pressure works for me.  Made it through the rest of the trip to California (though the weather wreaked a bit of havoc and caused me several migraines).

 I hope to get a race and trip recap but let’s be honest–it probably won’t happen as I still haven’t done the recaps for Hawaii and ToT from waaaay back in October.  lol.

But yeah, I will try to post a little something about all of these trips and get back into regular blogging as I do miss it. In the meantime, I’m just focusing on making it through another crazy day.  WOOT!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

New Playlist – Need Some Help!!

Hey there, nightowls! I’m up a bit late thanks to a rousing 10pm floor hockey game, which has left me wired.  But, our team did win!!

Driving to the game I was looking for some pump up music and turned to (for me) the “classics” – some good ‘ol Britney 🙂  I was in the mood for some of those kiss-off, I’m awesome and you can just go away type of songs – Circus, Piece of Me, and Work B**ch made the list.  And then we had this awesome game and I got to thinking that maybe a new gym playlist is just what I need to get me out of my workout funk. So…what are your fav songs in that vein of “I’m too cool for school, nothing is bringing me down”?

~ Princess Lindsey

Have Courage & Be Kind: A P.S.A.

Have-CourageHappy Monday, ladies!  I’d like to start the week with a little P.S.A. about kindness, and a story about a courageous runner whom I have been thinking about over the weekend.

One of my facebook friends, a former co-worker of mine, is a semi-pro track athlete.  I observed her working incredibly hard this fall and winter to crowdsource a training fund to support her efforts for the upcoming season.  I proudly watch videos of her, racing in pursuit of her goal of making the Canadian Olympic team for Rio 2016, and think “it’s so cool to have known her!”  So my heart broke a little for her last week when she posted that her season of racing has come to a close, due to a fall resulting in a broken arm.  I know how upset I have been to lose running time to injuries; I can only imagine how much more upsetting it must be when running is your livelihood.  But, the most real sadness and anger came when I found out HOW she had broken her arm.

In a shocking facebook post a few days later, this incredibly brave woman revealed to her friends and fans that she had been in an abusive relationship for the past few months.  This abuse culminated in her being pushed down the stairs by the man who claimed to love her, and resulted in a broken arm and the end of her season.

“…Excuse me…WHAT?!” I thought.  I have sacrificed races and runs to injuries sustained as a result of laziness and poor training, the misfortune of a car accident, the unlucky breaks of extreme weather…and I can accept all of those.  But I have NEVER lost a run, a race, an athletic pursuit, or a day in my life at the hands of another person who hurt me on purpose.  I cannot even begin to comprehend how that must feel.  I know that I feel so SO sad for her, so SO angry at him, a person who I have never even met, and so SO shell-shocked that any human being can treat another this way.

I know it happens every day.  I know that the statistically, 50% of women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.  So, I must know a boatload of women who have been subjected to something like this…but I don’t REALLY know, since they have never spoken out or spoken to me about it.  I feel very humbled and grateful that this friend was courageous enough to share her story for all to hear and learn from, and I feel very proud of humanity when I see the kindness that she has received in return for doing this.  Women are proclaiming her a hero for speaking out; men are lining up to protect her and prove that there are good and gentle men out there in the world.

So on this Monday, “May the 4th be with you”…and maybe “the force” today refers to courageousness and kindness for all.  Please be courageous enough to share your life, your stories, your learnings, and your failings with others, and kind enough to show the love to those who need it.

~ Princess Lindsey