One Week til Tink

I think that the Pixie Dust Challenge will be the most unprepared I have ever been for a race or a trip for all that goes, that I’ve ever participated in.

But, it’s gonna be ok. I can do a race and not kill myself trying to PR or make myself miserable because a performance PR is impossible.

I will finish.  It may hurt, but it will get done.  I will get my Pink Coast to Coast….I will wear my PDC medal with pride.

PDC Medals!

PDC Medals!

And I will eat In N Out Burger afterwards.  Because, when in California…. lol.

And I will ride Splash Mountain, California Screamin and Midway Madness.

And I will get my photo taken with the Hollywood sign and listen to Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ and other “California” songs as I weave down the highways, showing my race-cation companion, A, the sights.

It is going to be great…

And one day…when I’m not injured….when I’m not in the midst of a crazy transition…when I’m not burnt out…I am going to run Pixie Dust Challenge again…and I will get a PR. 🙂


~Princess Lisa

One Last Business Trip

Tomorrow I leave on my last business trip in my job.  I’m hitting up Edmonton (probably one of my favourite cities and definitely the one I have traveled to the most while in this job) and then Saskatoon before coming  home late Friday.

It’s weird because, despite my massive hate about the constant travel in this job, I will miss the change of scenery that this constant traveling did provide.  If I ever got tired of Winnipeg, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was in a new city for a few days.

I will also miss my personal habits while traveling–essentially certain people I would see and certain things I would do while I was away.  I will miss the opportunity to hit up J.Crew and shop with my dear friend/personal shopper…and in truth West Edmonton Mall with all of it’s great stores that Winnipeg doesn’t have.  I will miss trips to Calgary where I would get to hang with the lovely Princess Lindsey–my co-blogger.  I will miss shopping with only one sales tax.  I will miss running routes around university campuses amid fall colours.

I will miss trips to Ottawa–where I would book extra holidays and hang with dear friends I only get to see via Facetime.  I would run around Parliament, and in two provinces in one run…give Terry Fox’s memorial statue a lucky rub on the toe.

So I go into this trip a little heavy hearted but also excited about what is to come.  Soon I will be in a new job, that will lack in travel, but will be abundant in new challenges and opportunities to learn.  Plus, I will have 3 weeks of holidays in this job, so it means I will be able to get away somewhere…I hope! 😉

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

Oh Hello There Friday–You Ravishing Beauty!

Obviously, I’m pretty darn thrilled that it is Friday.

Work is going to be a bit more painful then usual today.  The combination of a strategic planning session over lunch and knowing I won’t be around in four weeks is going to make it feel long, but meh…it could be worse. Especially since I did start the day with this delicious donut….mmm nutella glaze!

The rest of my weekend is essentially promised to no one–I have a few errands to run and a few tentative phone dates with friends who live far away, but otherwise, there is nothing going down–and it feels great. I may just nap away most of Saturday…and I think it will be glorious.

I actually feel oddly good today–and it’s not just about the donut.  I got the first, really solid night of sleep in a long, long time.  Between my stress with the potential new boy (such relief when I ended it–so what does that tell ya?), the applying/interviewing/stressing about the new job and training for Pixie Dust…I haven’t been sleeping.  But last night, I was asleep by 11 and when my alarm went off this morning at 5:45, I did not press snooze…I got up, made my bed and started my day and it felt pretty glorious.

Wow…apparently my word of the day today is glorious…who knew?

Anyway, I don’t want to ramble too much as I have a seemingly never ending task list of things to do before I leave this job and I don’t want to work overtime to finish them.  Hope you have a Friday and well, a weekend that is…of course….GLORIOUS!!!

Much love,

~Princess Lisa