Where is My Mind?

think think think gah!

Oh boy….I have to say, I need a way to shut off my brain.  It’s been messing with me a whole lot lately.  And I’ve had many, many friends and even coach dad tell me to just stop it…but…. IT. JUST. WON’T. STOP.

The worst part is that my over thinking is messing with a few areas of my life.

It’s messing with my running big time.  My mystery ab injury has totally impacted my mental game to running.  I can’t run fast enough to improve…so it all has become a drag.  Sometimes it hurts so I stop…other times I just stop due to frustration–a little over a year ago, I was running fast for me.  10 miles at an almost 8 minute/mile pace…and today..well I can’t run at that pace for more than a few miles and it feels like death.

This has also impacted my weight and my approach to eating–essentially a see food diet is my philosophy right now and I feel sooo gross but it’s giving me so much comfort.  Bah.  I’m amazed my clothes actually fit because man, I don’t deserve them fitting.

Then there is work…oy.. I can’t even open up that package of peanuts…  Oh and then there is the guy.  Another date–had a good time, still have ZERO idea how I feel about him–so very mixed…leaves me ruminating and running through things in my head…over and over. gah!

Must. Stop. My. Brain.  Any tips as to how to do so–send em over!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

The Mehs

The Mehs are brought to you by a lack of desire to travel for work, a batch of mixed feelings about a new guy, my continuing stomach pain while running fast which is manifesting in zero training motivation for Pixie Dust and a large, large desire to hide in my bedroom to sleep until this blasted fresh dump of snow is gone.

I am hoping I can shake these mehs….I don’t like feeling this way, but I know that if I don’t embrace them, give them the time they need to do their thing and move on, then they will manifest in other nasty ways–and that never does me any good.  For the next few days, while I am in Edmonton, I’m just hoping to do a lot of reflecting, a little bit of running and maybe a bit of shopping Maybe a nice spring outfit or a new pair of running tights and/or socks (since I appear to have lost one flipping sock in Florida).

Either way, I think the time away from my regular scenery, the guy and just my regular life might be a good thing.  Give me a chance to breathe, refocus, etc.  I hope that it will bring some clarity and some energy back into my disposition.  Fingers crossed! 😉

take care,

~Princess Lisa

Workout Recaps: A Catch Up and Moving Forward

Oh my–the hazard of being MIA on the blogging means I am totally behind on calculating my weekly mileage–and thus I have not added any extra dollars to my runDisney fund.

So the last time I posted was January 27th–the same day my dear ol’ grams fell and ended up in the hospital.  At that point, I had 105.05 miles for the year.

The grand total since then, and I guarantee this won’t be so impressive as the last weeks of running have sucked for me is:

127.65….and 22.4 of this was all Glass Slipper Challenge.

And well, after seeing that number, well, I don’t feels so bad.  127 miles and change is pretty darn good over the last little bit.

Moving forward, well…I’m not sure what is coming.  I have Pixie Dust in 50-ish short days….but I also have this weird ab maybe hernia thing, which according the specialist isn’t a hernia, but I am being sent for an ultra sound at a future date to be determined.  So I think that, post Pixie Dust, I might have to take some time off–like 6-8 weeks time off from running in an attempt to get healed as my doctors and specialists don’t seem to be helping much in that regard.  I might even drive to the states and pay to have an ultrasound done just so I can get moving on getting better.

I am also no longer planning on running with my dear ol Grams for Wine and Dine in November.  My younger cousin can’t make it to help as a travel aid with my gramma and it’s just too hard to go without that extra person.  I’m heartbroken as I was going to get to see my Team Can Am Girls and get to run a Disney 5K with my grams…and now it isn’t happening and it makes me really sad.

So yeah…very mixed emotions right now…no Wine and Dine…no Team Can Am, no Gramma trip, no hernia resolution and no potential for PRs during Pixie Dust.  Bums me out.

But…I am going to try and look on the bright side–I’m going to do alternative activities–spin classes, bike rides, swimming, weight training–all in the hopes that I can keep up some of my fitness as I heal and maybe focus some time on doing other things like healthy cooking.  There has to be a silver lining to all of this, right? 🙂

Take care,

~Princess Lisa

P.S.I’m very, very aware of the “first world” nature of these problems. If these are the worst thing I am dealing with, I am pretty darn lucky. 🙂