Training is in the Backseat for a Few Days…

Unfortunately my dear old Grams (see below), slipped on some icy stairs and ended up breaking four ribs and punctured and deflated her right lung.

Grams celebrated her belated 80th birthday with a 22 minute improvement on her 10K time and winning her age group!

Me and Grams, post 10K

Fortunately, grams is doing better.  They moved her out of emergency early this morning and they are keeping her under observation until sometime this weekend.

She is in good spirits, pain is being managed and me and the rest of my family are all ensuring that one of us is with her 24 hours a day.  She is telling everyone she can that she runs 10K races and showing people her medals…and yes, she carries them with her in her purse–both her finisher medal and her Age Group Award medal.

Seeing my grandma be so strong and awesome, in spite of the immense pain, makes me proud that I am her granddaughter and grateful that I’m taking advantage of my quasi-healthy body by running Disney (and other races) and doing what I want to do in my life.  When I get to be like my grandma, I want to be able to tell similar stories to the docs and paramedics taking care of me.

Needless to say, I’m going to be running Glass Slipper for my Grams in a few weeks–and my goal is now to just run it strong–so I can be just like her!

Much love,


Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 4


Colour Code


  • Mildy discouraged on my 10K runs, but feeling ok about my long runs.

Weds 01/21

  • unplanned rest day
  • another few bad nights sleep and a loooong work day and migraine earlier in the week made the need for a rest day massive.



  •  6 miles in 47:19
  • Don’t get me wrong though, it was hard, but…



  •  2 miles
  •  Green-ish
  • Ran outside because it was amazingly warm, not icy AND I needed my watch calibrated.
  • WOO



  •  4 miles run/walk
  •  orange.
  • frustrating run from the get go
  • hoping for better luck tomorrow.



  •  8.5 miles
  • 8:23 avg pace
  •  RED.
  • Mentally done…legs done.  Meant I was done.
  • Going to take it easy between now and my next long run–hope that it shifts things.



  •  45 minutes on the stationary bike
  • hernia exercises
  •  Green.  Felt great afterwards, arguably a bit refreshed.



  •  4 miles in 31:06
  •  Greeen

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  Quick almost 10K on Thursday.  Not exactly a PR pace, but with a good day, who knows what is possible.

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Hernia care, chilling the eff out. I’m putting way to much pressure on myself.  Time to pull an Elsa and let it go…(a bit).


  • Week: 24.5 miles
  • Year:  105.05 miles

Bib Numbers and Active Recovery

Happy Small Monday – aka Tuesday!

After my crap-tastic run on Sunday, I figured it was time to take my burned out self off the treadmill for a night and onto another piece of equipment.  Said equipment being the stationary bike.

It was a pleasant workout and left me feeling rather refreshed instead of tired, disappointed, etc., like I had felt only 24 hours prior.  I’m hoping that a few more bike rides on what would normally be my “junk/easy run”  days will help me shake off the burnout and have me ready for race day in about 23 days.

Speaking of race day–I got my GSC bib number yesterday. I have a borderline number, which I kind of expected after not hitting my sub 1:50 goals in 2014.  Depending on the corral breakdown (which has not been released), I could be in either Corral A or B.  If it ends up being the same as 2014, I will be in B.  Granted, being in B is NOT a big deal, but I had really hoped to be in Corral A to keep my Corral A runDisney streak up. And yes, I totally understand that this is silly.  On the plus side, however, I feel like being in Corral B will give me something to chase–which can only be a good thing on race day.

Today’s workout will be an attempt on a fast 4-5 miler.  Ideally at 10K race pace, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve decided I need to learn to stop beating myself up if I have a bad run and just take each run for what it is, bad or good, and just embrace it because, at the very least, I am still able to run…which I know I should NOT take for granted.  Especially since my hernia is still allowing me to run rather well.

Happy Running Folks!

~Princess Lisa