On the Road Again…

After only a surprisingly short feeling 9 days at home, I’m back in the air, but this time for work, rather than pleasure.  I’m off to three Canadian cities over the next four days (Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary).  Right now, the only true highlight of this trip is that I get to catch up with Lindsey on Wednesday night…and we are BAKING!!! WOO!  Otherwise, I would much rather be at home, getting back into my routine.

On the plus side, my seized up calf feels better.  I have no idea if I will be able to run on it today (I had a migraine yesterday so I took an unplanned rest day), but I am going to try…might just do some 5 minute intervals or something..and slowly increase from there so I don’t have a third calf seize in three weeks.  In all honesty, I don’t think my fragile state of mind could handle a third round of that crap.  Plus, my fears of losing any and all fitness after so many days off are starting to cause me a teensy bit of anxiety.  And yes, I know, I know…don’t put so much pressure on myself.  It’s not pressure that’s causing me the anxiety…it’s knowing that with the more time off I have, the harder it is going to be to come back. lol

I’m also hoping to sneak in a trip to West Edmonton Mall tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how exhausted I am.    I want to go check out J. Crew (I saw a shirt in Hawaii I liked, and I would rather pay in Canadian dollars) and try to return my Kate Spade Saturday dress to the Kate Spade store in the mall (the customer service related to trying to return a faulty dress as been an absolute nightmare).  I definitely don’t need to go shopping as I spent WAAY to much in Hawaii (mostly on booze, as sad as that is).  So many race-cations coming up in 2015 and this girl needs to save her cash.

And on that note, I will bid you all adieu.  I hope to FINALLY have some vacation posts up in the next few days (since I will have some free time while travelling).

Take care and run safe,

~Princess Lisa









Holy Crap it’s Friday?!

I can’t believe I’ve been home for an entire week…and, sadly, I am getting ready to pack my bags again…though this time for work purposes.  I will be heading out to Saskatoon, Edmonton and eventually Calgary over four days next week.

I am exhausted just thinking about it. Plus I know that I’ve got at least two more work trips and one surprise trip to Minneapolis to see Garth Brooks in the midst of all that.

Shoot. Me.

LOL.  I kid.  This is really a complete and total first world problem.  I will, however, have to make sure I keep things balanced with rest, healthy food, exercise, etc.

My weekend plans are relatively low key–going to the gym ( if my body allows it) and to see the Black Keys with my dear old Dad and older brother.  It will be fun and all but it really doesn’t compare with my Saturday a short 14 days ago when I got to spend the day getting massages, sunning myself by the pool and drinking beverages below with one of my best friends.

blended mojitos in Hawaii

blended mojitos at the spa in Hawaii

Happy Weekend!


A Victory and Defeat

So…I’m sorta proud of myself.  I did something that I didn’t think I would do again–I ran with a run club last night.  Woo!  Go me!

Admittedly, I didn’t do this solo–I met up with my buddy O and we headed out with some of his friends at this club for an easy 4 miles….

in the rain…I might add…

and then my calf seized up again….like it did in Hawaii…

and then we had to gimpily run/walk back to the home base of the run club…

in the rain…


My calf feels horrible today…and if it is anything like Hawaii, it will be another day or two before I can even walk properly, never mind run.

I’m not entirely sure why this keeps happening, but I think I know the answer–I think it’s from my slow runs of late.  Both my race with my dear old Grams on Sunday and my ToT race were done at a slow for me pace, with lots of starts and stops and a total change in my gate.  I think this is the reason that everything goes to pot when I start to run at my normal old paces.

I won’t lie–I’m getting pretty frustrated with my body’s inability to cooperate with me on this whole running thing–between my hernia and this calf thing, I’m really worried and curious as to why everything is falling apart on me….especially when Glass Slipper Challenge is so, so close.

I’m really trying to take it all in stride…as I wait for my calf to un-seize and for my appointment with the hernia specialist, I am going to do my best to work out as well as I can without further aggravating my apparently pissed off body and really try to focus on my nutrition as not being able to work out at my normal intensity will have major impacts on my weight if I am not careful and that will likely be more damaging to my race goals than keeping my fitness up.

Gimpily yours,

~Princess Lisa