Throwback Thursday – Epcot Parking Lots

So apparently I liked hanging out in the parking lot of Epcot before it was cool too….ie. before there were #runDisney races.

Am I not the hippest 7-year old with my Jem and Rio (of Jem and the Holograms fame) tee and white polka dot sunnies (not that you can see the polka dots, but I remember those sunnies)?

Oh 1988, how I would love to time machine back for a little while…check things out.

I look forward to being back in this parking lot with friends, and strangers, all there to push their limits, to sweat and to have fun.  It’s funny, even looking at this pic, makes my heart start to race with anticipation and excitement to get my Glass Slipper on.

Do you have any fun, old Disney photos to share on this Throwback Thursday?  Do you get excited when you see something that reminds you of your upcoming race (doesn’t have to be runDisney related)?

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa

Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 30:





  • Nervous.  Minnesota Half is coming up.
  •  I’m back! Woo woo!!  But who IS this person who is running before 8 AM?!!



  •  Zero.  Woke up with a migraine, had an unplanned rest day.
  •  Nothing. Long day at work with a training session.



  •  Fit 45
  • 0.58 miles one way to Fit 45
  • 4 chill miles at the gym
  •  Nothing. Unless you want to count packing boxes!



  •  rest day–crazy sore from Fit 45.
  •  Nothing.  Got my hair cut after work and was suffering through a migraine.



  •  4.87 miles, mostly running, a bit of walking
  •  2.3 miles (2 laps around my neighbourhood circuit)



  •  9 miles in 1:11:37…last long run before the Minnesota Half!
  •  3.5 miles (3 laps around my circuit) + glorious ice pants afterward 🙂  It’s amazing what ice can do for recovery, really!



  •  3.3 miles of run walk with Run Club
  •  Started packing my closet at home.  Bye, bye clothes! See you in a week or two!



  •  4 miles slow – I am in taper town after all!
  •  4.3 miles (unfortunately more walking than I would like, but was running with a friend who is a bit more of a casual runner.  Whatever though – mileage is mileage!)

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  My sub 8 paced 9 miler.  My head wasn’t in it, but I toughed it out.
  • Lindsey is back and running! WOO!
  •  3 runs in a 7 day period!

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Keep calm and run well on Saturday!
  •  Keep up with the morning runs.  That extra hour of “sleep” when I go back to bed after feeding the dogs isn’t “worth” anything anyhow.  Might as well get up, beat the heat, and get the miles done.


  • Week: 25.75 miles
  • Year: 575.01 miles
  • Week: 10.1 miles
  • Year: …I have missed so many WWW recaps at this point that there is no way this number would be accurate.  Let’s just say…”fewer than Princess Lisa!”

Why Treadmills Are My Friend

When the temperatures hit extremes in Winnipeg, I find myself hitting up the treadmills at my local gym.  I also find I hit up the treadmills when my motivation is waning.  The only times I truly enjoy being outside for runs is when I am with other people and the weather is more temperate (essentially spring and fall type weather).

Treadmills in a gym

I know…I think I’m the only one who actually likes running on the treadmill.  But before you condemn me, perhaps tell me I am not a “real runner” (whatever that means…and yes, this has actually been said to me), hear me out as I have a few good reasons as to why I love them, so.

1. Treadmills are safe.  I live in an area of my city without a lot of run paths.  There is a park a few minutes away, but it is problematic too–between the aggressive drivers in the evenings, and the periodic attacks on single female runners in the early morning, I don’t feel very comfortable running there on my own.  You also don’t have to worry about random cars hitting you as you cross the street.  This happened to me once on a final, 1.5 mile taper run , two days before a race.  An old lady pressed her gas pedal instead of the break.

2. Treadmills offer consistency.  When I run on  the treadmill, I essentially set my speed and then forget it.  It is relentless and only gets easier if you get fitter or you manually slow down the belt.  It takes a lot for me to slow down that darn belt.

3. Treadmills offer entertainment.  I don’t live in a particularly scenic place so my run surroundings are not all that inspiring.  Treadmills tend to have TVs now and my favourite long runs are always the ones where I can catch a TV Marathon (so many of my best runs lately have coincided with a Walking Dead Marathon) or a favourite movie.  Those 10 milers go by in a flash!

4. Treadmills offer companionship.  Over the last few weeks, a run club member has opted to run next to me during my long run.  It is amazing to have that support right next to you, especially since we wouldn’t be able to do that outside of the treadmills as we run at different paces.  I have even had my grandma meet me at the gym a few weeks ago and walk next to me as I ran.  There would be no way I would be able to run the way I was with my grandma next to me  the entire way if we were outside.

5. Treadmills offer discipline.  By making a treadmill date with myself, I know I am getting a run in…even if it is only 15 minutes.  If my motivation to run is wavering in the slightest, running outside won’t do.  I will keep pushing it off until it is way too late to go for a run.  By making the trip to the gym, to meet with my favourite corner treadmill, I stay disciplined and ensure I get my training runs in.

Do you happen to like running on treadmills?  If so, why?

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa