Throwback Thursday – Venice

Yes.  I am doing another TBT related to my Contiki trip from 2004–and I don’t care what you guys say. lol.

I remember this day in Venice so clearly.  It started our rainy.  I grabbed my trusty Eeyore umbrella.  My friends and I all dressed up as well, here we are, our last Italian stop, why not dress up a smidge.

We did Gondola rides…in fact this photo is pre-gondola ride.  I still can’t believe that’s me.



After the gondola ride, my friend Sally and I headed to Piazza de St Marco, ate some gelato an met this kid….so darn cute…


Later that night, some friends and I came back to Venice for some more gelato..once last taste before we headed up to Austria.



I think the nostalgia to be in Venice right now is particularly bad as I am currently in Saskatoon, SK, at a crazy long meeting with some important people….and well, seriously gelato with good friends in Italy sounds like much more fun!


~Princess Lisa

Weekly Workout Wednesday

Week 25:




  • not so great.  Exhausted and filled with way to much restaurant food.
  •  N/A – doctor’s orders.



  • zilch–migraine.



  •  5 miles around Ottawa



  •  zero. Had to look after my nephew in Ottawa.



  •  Ran a 5K with a dear friend!



  •  Zero.  Too tired from Ottawa and had a wicked sore throat.



  • No run club as I had a migraine
  • Ran 2 slow miles when my frustration with said migraine got to a breaking point.



  •  6.26 miles in 48:18 (7:43/mile pace)

Highlight(s) of the Week

  • Tuesday’s run.  I think the run gods knew that I needed a good one to make me feel better about last week’s rough go.

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  • Getting back to my routine after my third work trip this month.  Only three more weeks til my next trip.  #sigh


  • Week: 16.36 miles
  • Year: 438.09 miles
  • Week: 0
  • Year: 17ish

#Chewsday Update – Week 4

Oh My!

The last week was brutal.  I had great expectations and it just simply didn’t happen.  But, fortunately my accountibilitbuddies  Kim and Rae were there with me, encouraging me, even though my attempts at healthy eating decreased as the week wore on.

I learned a lot from this trip when it comes to being healthy and socializing on the road.  Normally I don’t have to worry much about the socializing as most of my trips don’t involve nightly social engagements, but Ottawa is home to some of my dearest friends and I can’t not spend every possible moment with them. lol  Especially when two of those friends are these little ones…my adopt-a-niece and nephew…and race cheer leaders!


What did I learn, you ask?  Well, burning the candle at both ends is a recipe for disaster.  Being sleep deprived and overeating food that isn’t on the healthier end of things, combined with inconsistent fitness is bad.  I think that moving forward with any future work/social trips to Ottawa, I will have to make a concerted effort to find healthy snacks and keep them near by (which is hard to do in Ottawa), workout first thing in the morning if I can manage it, and opt to only eat an appetizer when going out for meals and then supplement the rest of my dinner with some fruit and veggies before or after the meal when the social part is over.

I try and set myself goals for the week and well, this week, it is only going to be one.  Focus simply on eating when I am hungry and stopping when I feel like I am starting to get full.

I’m traveling for work again this week, so the food choices will be a problem again as I have several provided meals/meal obligations.  I feel like the goal above is manageable and won’t have me feeling like a failure if I am forced to eat something that isn’t lean chicken and a spinach salad.

Want to join in on #chewsday?  Simply search out #Chewsday on Instagram and Twitter and you will find me, Rae and Kim! 🙂

Take care!

~Princess Lisa