Scary Therapy You Should Totally Try: KT Tape

I’ve been AWOL from running and the gym this week due to injury, and during my newfound “free time” and rehab, I’ve realized that I have used an awful lot of different therapies, and there’s pretty much nothing I won’t try at least once! Which brings me to a new series just for you: Scary Therapies You Should Totally Try! I know a lot of you are intimidated or squeamish or stressed out by some of those “out there,” scary therapies. So, let me take away a bit of the shock factor for you! I’ll profile what to expect, how much it will affect your wallet, and whether it’s worth challenging your fear!

For our first edition, let’s talk about KT Tape This is a specific brand of sports tape repped by pro athletes including three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings. However, it’s alao accessible to weekend warriors and everyday athletes like us to provide pain relief and support for hundreds of common injuries. KT Tape is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada; check the store locator on their website for locations in the US and abroad.

How Much?
A roll of KT Tape Pro costs $19.99 in Canada. You get 20 strips per roll and can expect to use 2-3 strips per application. One application of Pro tape lasts around 5 days, if applied well.

What To Expect
KT Tape runs an awesome web page and KT Tape YouTube channel with instructions for specific applications to treat a myriad of problems.

I did experience a bit of a learning curve when I started using KT Tape, so to make the most of your first try, here are some tips:
– Watch the instructional video a few times before you start your application.
– Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. This will help with adhesion.
– Pause the video a few times and practice where you are going to place the strips while they still have the backing on. This will make sure you get the spacing and angles right the first time!
– If you live in a humid climate or if you feel you have excessively oily skin, try spritz ing the area with hairspray before applying the tape strips. Allow the spray to dry and become tacky to the touch before you start.

Why It’s Worth A Try
For me, this is an easy and efficient way to deload injured tissue and remove stress in order to allow things to heal.

Living in Canada, we have free healthcare and I can visit a doctor whenever I want to without it affecting my wallet. And, working where I do, I am privileged to have great extended health coverage that pays for my physio, chiro, and massage therapy visits. However, if I didn’t have all these benefits, KT Tape is a cost-effective method for self-treatment. If a chronic injury flares up or a new injury appears, I would say that adding KT Tape to other over-the-counter remedies like rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories might save you a trip to the doc, if things aren’t too serious, or could at least keep you more comfortable in between treatments.

Have YOU tried KT Tape? Is it still too scary to attempt? Let us know in the comments!

Princess Lindsey

7 thoughts on “Scary Therapy You Should Totally Try: KT Tape

  1. I love KTTape. When I pulled my calf muscle, it let me get back to running before I would have otherwise.

    Now with Plantar Fascitiis, my KT Tape lets me run when I couldn’t! I don’t know how it works, but it certainly does!

    • Hey Robinson! Glad you can attest that it’s not so scary too! I’m dealing with a wayward kneecap and some IT band pain right now, and the KT Tape has been really helpful for me too. I’m hoping to start running again (well, run/walk at least) this weekend, and I’ll be sure to have my KT Tape on when I do! Glad you found our blog over here; don’t be a stranger! “Princes” are always welcome too!
      ~ Princess Lindsey

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