DDD: T-minus 31 days

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s almost DDD time.  I leave for LA four weeks today….and the beginning of race weekend is 31 days away.  HOLY #@#$T&^@!

Like all the other DDD, DHM and D10K runners, I was assigned a bib number and my corral placement–I squeaked into Corral A, which blew my mind.  It’s also made me nervous–there are going to be FAST people in that corral–which means I will have to focus on keeping my pace, not theirs.

I have ideas in my head about pacing, but I am not sure how feasible they are, given the back to back nature of these races. Does anyone have any advice on how to determine pacing given the back to back situation?

I got a copy of this pace chart at my first half marathon and it's taped on the inside of my pantry door so I don't lose it.

I got a copy of this pace chart at my first half marathon and it’s taped on the inside of my pantry door so I don’t lose it.


I am thinking of doing an 8:15/mile pace for the 10K and an 8:30/mile pace for the half. These paces would set me up for a close to PR time for the 10K (current is 51:06) and a PR for the half (current is 1:55:46), with a few minutes for error.

This weekend, I will run a 10K on Sunday and then try for 11 miles on Monday (yay long weekends) to see what running on race weekend might feel like.  I am planning on running them at a slightly slower pace than race day, simply because I haven’t done a long run in a few weeks (thanks to two 10K races and a seized calf muscle) and I MUST get in my long run.

Do you have specific paces in mind for DDD/DHM?D10K?  Are you running for time?  Running for fun?  Do you have pacing strategies you’d like to share?

Take care and happy hump day!

~Princess Lisa



My Lazy @#$: The Story of My Injury

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Lunch Made Easy: Shredded Chicken Breast

Anybody hungry?  I know my stomach is growling!

The finished project

The finished project

On Sunday night, I whipped up some delicious shredded chicken.  Super easy too–and perfect for a week’s worth of lunches and it even offers some variety in lunches.  Monday I used it to top a salad, Tuesday I mixed the chicken with avocado and tomato salsa and put it into lettuce wraps into a lettuce guac-taco. It is also good just snacking on its own…which I may have done last night…. lol

Making this chicken really couldn’t be easier.  Here is what you need:

– 1-Litre /32 ounces of Chicken Stock

– 3/4 jar of tomatillo salsa (aka green salsa)

– 1-2 pinches of salt

– 4-6 chicken breasts

Pour all of the aforementioned ingredients into a large pot and bring it into a boil.  Keep them in the boiling salsa broth bath for about 45 minutes or until cooked.  Let it cool a bit and then shred the cooked chicken breasts with a fork.  For a bit extra flavour, pop on a bit more salsa on top of the shredded chicken See? Simple and healthy way too cook up chicken that is yummy, too.

Happy lunch time everyone!

~Princess Lisa