Nine and a half weeks and nervous

…until I am in my race gear and ready to run the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge and snag me some more RunDisney bling.

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I don’t think I have ever been so nervous about running a race…er races in my life.  My horrible race performance (sleep deprived, sick, injured, under-trained…it was bad) at the 2013 Princess Half in Disney World, left me feeling a bit low and impacted my running confidence big time.

After that race, I did lots of thinking about my fitness regimen at the time–which included crossfit twice a week and then running three to four times a week.  I loved crossfit–going balls to the wall and leaving everything you had on the floor of the box.  And I loved the muscles–both mine and some of the attractive male participants. *wink*

Unlike a lot of fitness bloggers, however, the combination of running and crossfit didn’t work for me (NOTE: this is not a criticism of Crossfit–just a recap of my experience). I was always sore, tight and physically exhausted.  Running became pure hell–a hell that I hadn’t even experienced when I first started running–when I weighed over 220lbs.

It became worse when I developed a meniscus tear about seven weeks before the Princess.  My doctor recommended that I quit cross fit, run my race for pure joy (no time goals due to my injury) and then take a month off from impact sports to try and heal.  I decided to take his advice–and fortunately it worked.

I started up again in mid-April and now, by the end of June, I’m already running at an 8:40ish pace for my long runs.  My knees are no longer swollen and sore and I look forward to and enjoy my runs again (for the record, however, I do miss crossfit).

Now that my running legs are back, I have all of these nerves, excitement and a little bit (er …a LOT) of pressure (or expectation?) that DDD needs to go well–that I need to have a good race to make up for my lackluster Princess Half Performance.

I’m hoping that by setting the following three goals for each race that I help ensure my DDD experience is enjoyable and ensure that I have some sort of goal to aim for.

Dumbo Double Dare Challenge Goals:

1. Finish each race feeling like I did my very best.

2. Finish each race without stopping.

3. Finish the 10K in under an hour and the Half in 2 hours.

If anyone has any advice on how to get rid of race nerves or boost running confidence, please share it in the comments!


~Princess Lisa

11 thoughts on “Nine and a half weeks and nervous

  1. Nerves and excitement are a normal part of these races but the best advice seems to be…go with it and enjoy yourself. Set a PR goal for yourself but don’t hold yourself to it cuz you never know the circumstances of your body etc that day. So many times we kick ourselves when it doesn’t go according to plan.

    You’re gonna do great and you’ll have fun. And you have two races. Hopefully they both result in great times but if they do or don’t…screw it. You’re in Disneyworld! Eat an ice cream.

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