Perfectly Princess-y Sports Bras: Our Favourite Picks!

Princess Lisa’s Favourite

As a lady with a bigger than average bust, finding a comfortable sports bra is key to a fun run.  I have many bras, but the Armour Bra by Under Armour is my all-time favourite.  I have been wearing them for over a year and am thrilled V5-1233078-001_HTFwith them.

The best things about these bras are: comfort, support, removable modesty pads in the cups, slightly less of a uni-boob appearance and most importantly, they come in bigger sizes.  They also have some massive staying power.  Even after a year, my bra was still very supportive and you couldn’t tell that it was that old.

The drawback to these Under Armour Bras are the cost (average about $70 including tax in Canada–and they never seem to go on sale).  Even with the cost, I would still recommend the investment as I find the quality that much better.

The only other minor issue I have is that the D and DD sizes are not racerback styled, which means my straps show when I wear a tank.

So that is my review, dear readers!  What are your favourite sports bras?  Are they best for bigger or smaller busts?  Let the Princesses know!


Princess Lisa

Princess Lindsey’s Favourite

The ubiquitous Ta Ta Tamer bra, by lululemon.

The ubiquitous Ta Ta Tamer bra, by lululemon.

I once had a much larger bustline than I do now (that’s another story for another day!), but my go-to sports bra has always been lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer. It comes in a ton of colours which change seasonally, and it’s available in sizes up to DD.

As with Princess Lisa’s choice above, the Ta Ta Tamer has separated cups to prevent uniboob and that generally smushy appearance. One of my favourite features is the ability to wear the straps crossed or un-crossed – whichever you find most comfortable, or suits your outfit the best!

The only minor drawback to this bra is that the straps are very wide. This is great for us girls with bigger chests because the straps don’t dig in that way and allow for maximum support…but they certainly don’t hide well under any kind of strappy tank. Thankfully, it comes in so many fun colours that you don’t need to care about hiding them, because you’ll be looking stylish anyway!

Princess Lindsey

Princess Lisa’s Summer Race Calendar

It’s that wonderful time of year…when the snow is gone and the desire to be outside is at an all time high.

Except it has been grey and rainy for what seems like weeks…..and everyone I know is starting to mimic the grey surroundings with a blah, grey demeanor.

All of this rain, however, has meant a lot of time indoors resulting in some time to plan out a racing calendar for the summer.

My “big race” that will be the culmination of my training for the summer is….(so excited, btw)


Medals I will soon own!

Medals I will soon own!

The Dumbo Double Dare Challenge comprises of the Disneyland 10K on Saturday August 31 and the Disneyland half marathon on September 1.  Completing these two races will allow me to knock a few things off of my bucket list and give me these awesome medals, plus a coast to coast medal (not pictured) as I will have run races in both Disney Parks.

Only bad thing about this awesome race opportunity is that I have had a year long running slump.  It now appears to be, more or less, back, but I have NO speed.  So my goal is to run a number of 5 and 10K races over the next few months in order to get some practice with speed in a race.


Prediction Run – July 6 (my prediction of time is 25:52)

Colour Run – July 20 (obviously this one won’t be for time) and this isn’t an official colour run, it is another brand called Color Me Rad, but the premise is the same.


Because I Am a Girl – June 1

Alberta Women’s 10K Challenge – June 9 (in Edmonton–my first race in Alberta)

MEC Winnipeg Race #2 10K – July 28th

Inaugural Disneyland 10K – August 31

10 Miler

Islindigindagarin (sp?) 10 Mile Race August 4th- Gimli, Manitoba (aka Lake Country)  This is tentative as I have a wedding two nights before and the course is simply a 10 mile stretch of straight highway in what is usually insane heat.  I am going to ask my dad for his advice on this race as he has run this race numerous times.  Oh and the weird name, well, it’s the name of the Icelandic festival that happens on that long weekend every year.

Half Marathons

Disneyland Half Marathon – September 1

After Disneyland, my plans are a bit murky as my work schedule will prove to be a bigger problem.  My hope is that Princess Lindsey and I will be able to coordinate running a race in/around Calgary toward the end of September or early October….but that is another post all together.

Much luv and happy training,

Princess Lisa

Princess Lindsey’s Race Calendar

Given my ambitious Bucket List goal of 10 timed races in 2013, this princess needs a steady training plan!

7 races on the calendar; 3 more to go!  Any recommendations?!

7 races on the calendar; 3 more to go! Any recommendations?! – Click to take a closer peek!

Looking forward to checking a few more off this list, and also adding a few to make it all the way to 10 races!  Will I see you at any of these?!

And remember: it’s not sweat, it’s sparkle!

Princess Lindsey